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Video: Vietnam 2016

Vietnam 2016

Vietnam 2016 is a 378s length video by Dino Ordoña posted on Vimeo on 2016-08-16 04:26:00.

Ho Chi Minh is a diverse and progressive city. While it does not boast of numerous tourist attractions, simply going around the city and observing its people and culture is enough to occupy your day. The city is scattered with restaurants, cafes and watering holes where you can enjoy the uniqueness of Vietnamese food and drink away to affordable beer where a can of Heineken or Saigon Special costs less than a dollar.

You can do a lot of bargain shopping in isolated areas within the city. Highly recommended would be Saigon Square and Ben Than market. Stores are mostly filled with clothing, bags and shoes. There are a few malls around the area as well but prices are higher than in the Philippines. Inside the city, you can visit several tourist destinations like the War Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Center, Heli Bar, and the Saigon Opera house where you can see a show for around $25.

The only tourist destination we visited outside of the city is the Mekong river where according to our guide produces majority of what the country eats. The tour will include
a 2-hr, 45-min bus ride, a 30min boat trip to Unicorn island, honey tasting, a 15-min boat ride on a narrow, mangrove filled portion of the river, tropical food tasting, a visit to the
coconut candy factory, a horse cart ride to the lunch venue and finally a trip back to the port. Before heading home, you will pass by a Buddhist temple where three 25-foot long (or more) Buddhas are located. All of these, including lunch costs around $20. We recommend Vietnam Adventure tours if you want to take this tour. You will be even luckier if you get Tiger as your guide.

Shot handheld with the BMPCC + EF to MFT Speedbooster + Canon 35mm f2 IS + SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x
RAW 30fps 180SA 5000ASA
Color graded in resolve
Edited in FCPX 24p timeline

Music not mine.
Music by Daydreamer – Travelling Light

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