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Video: Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa, Vietnam is a 60s length video by Aaron Inman posted on Vimeo on -01-10 17:52:48.

This is Sapa. Beauty not only lies in the staircases of rice fields, but in the hearts of the people; where life is a never-ending circle. Generation to generation, these villagers survive by working in the fields, building their own homes and making their own clothes. A people full of will and determination, steeped in tradition. Rice is not only the staple food, but the heartbeat of the entire land. It’s picked, beaten and dried in the sun. The leaves are then placed in a pile and lit on fire, creating the ash that is spread over soil for the next round of rice to sprout. Nothing goes to waste. Sapa teaches us to respect and understand the beauty of simplicity.

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Video: Sapa, Vietnam

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