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Video: Sai Gon, Vietnam

Sai Gon, Vietnam

Sai Gon, Vietnam is a 60s length video by Aaron Inman posted on Vimeo on -01-10 17:55:01.

This is Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City). Once referred to as the “Gem of Indochina” by population, it’s the largest city in Vietnam. History and religion consume the streets. It’s in the courtyard of the Notre Dame Cathedral, it’s sitting on a bench in the Jade Emperor Padoga and it’s looking up at the Venerable Thich Quang Duc Monument where a monk once took his own life by self-immolation. This place has experienced a lot of change. And change can be difficult. But through it all, there is still hope and beauty around every corner. As the epicenter of economy and business, Sai Gon is truly the metropolis of Vietnam.

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Video: Sai Gon, Vietnam

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