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Video: 4000 km – VIETNAM

4000 km – VIETNAM

4000 km – VIETNAM is a 224s length video by Jan Reig posted on Vimeo on 2015-12-08 19:36:17.

One month, 4000 km of winding roads. No mobile phones, just a paper map.
Arrived in Ho Chi Minh City with no set route, we ended up buying two motorcycles. The expectations of the trip completely changed, now we could get where we wanted. From Con Dao Island to the north of the country. Through countless national parks covered by jungle, riding on winding roads between huge mountains, being invited wherever we arrived, and a few days of fever that left me on bed most of the time. We had a lot of breakdowns on the bikes and some flat tires, we even lost our map and ourselves in some remote places. But we finally got to our goal, Hanoi.

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Video: 4000 km – VIETNAM

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