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Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

Can Tho is a beautiful land that is preferentially treated by nature. Traveling there, tourists will be able to feel the prideful features of urban areas and experience the beauties of nature, people, and life of this small province. In this article, 9Vietnam is going to provide the guide on travel destinations, tips, where to go, what to do in Can Tho, and something you should know first before exploring Can Tho, Vietnam.

Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook - Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

Cai Rang Floating Market

The climate of Can Tho

There are 2 seasons in Can Tho, just like in Saigon: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season lasts from May to November and the dry season lasts from December to April. With the easeful climate, tourists can travel to Can Tho in every season of the year. Just a suggestion, if you visit Can Tho in the rainy season, you will be able to enjoy various tasty fruits of this land.


There are 2 main means of transportation to get to Can Tho.

  • Airways: There is an airport named Can Tho international airport with a decent quality. It is located in Binh Thuy district, along Hau Giang river. But you can use the airlines from Hanoi to go to Can Tho.
  • Overland: There are plenty of lines that lead to Can Tho. After you reach the airport in Hanoi or Saigon, you can catch a bus or a taxi to get to Can Tho. However, it usually takes only 3 hours if you start from Saigon, but even 34 hours from Hanoi. That means if you want to be quick, choose your flight to Saigon but if you have time and wish to explore more, let’s consider about landing first in Hanoi.


There are many popular tourism spots in Can Tho that you would not want to miss.

Cai Rang Floating Market

Sitting on a motorboat, going along Hau river to get to Cai Rang floating market in the early morning is one thing that every tourist wishes to try at least once. The price to rent a motorboat oscillates from 300,000 VND – 700,000 VND, depends on the number of passengers. It takes about 30 minutes to finish the trip from Ninh Kieu boat station. The activate time of the market is only from 5 am – 9 am so please pay a little attention. The products which are sold here are mostly agricultural but they are really fresh, plentiful, and various. The reason why it is called Floating Market is all the stores are on boats, which is also why it is worth visiting. There is also an interesting feature of this market, that is “cay beo” which is used to hang the products.

- Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

“Cay Beo” is a beautiful tradition of this land. Credit: diadiemnuong.com

Bang Lang storks garden

Located 50 kilometers to the 91st highway of the city center, Bang Lang storks garden was established in 1983. Literally, this garden gathers thousands of kinds of storks. Tourists will certainly be surprised by the lively nature here and its beauties, especially during the season of falling Purple Giant Crape-myrtle flowers, which is Bang Lang flower in Vietnamese.

Fruit Gardens

As I was saying, Can Tho is a fat land and combining with the suitable warm climate, there are plenty kinds of fruit trees which give fruits all over the years, such as oranges, mandarins, plums, durians, etc. Most of the gardens gather in Phong Dien District and Tan Loc isle. The fruits in those gardens are so fresh and tasty that they can excite your sense of taste. Besides, fresh fruits are really healthy. Here are some remarkable gardens that might interest you: Vam Xang, Con Au, Giao Duong, My Thom, My Khanh, Vu Binh, etc.

Ninh Kieu Park

Like a symbol of Can Tho city, Ninh Kieu park has a particular position in tourism while tourists go to this province. It was formed in the 19th century and has gone through many historical incidents as well as the city development. Ninh Kieu Park now is dynamic and constantly advance. This park is actually the first walking street and night markets site of Can Tho. With the advantages of beautiful nature and living atmosphere, Ninh Kieu Park has always impressed tourists for decades. Besides, this is also a very good place for taking pictures and selfies.

Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook - Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

The impressive landscape of Ninh Kieu center. Credit: hoangkhamk123


Ong Temple

Located in the Ninh Kieu Park, Ong temple was declared as a national heritage in 1993. The landscape of this temple is colorful and eye-catching. But with the constructional style of a Chinese letter, Ong Temple still contains the solemness and the peacefulness. Every year, many tourists and visitors come to this temple to visit and show their allegiance as well as pray for blessing.

My Khanh Ecotourist village

This village lies in Phong Dien district, 10 kilometers away from the center of Can Tho. My Khanh is one of the most representative spots for tourists in Can Tho. It consists of all the features of river cultures and gardening cultures. The fruits around the village are always plentiful and available, which tourists can take them down and try directly. The gastronomy of this village is also worth trying. There are also many interesting activities, such as circus, “being farmers” programs, rowing, fishing, visiting traditional villages, etc.

Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook - Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

A harmonious combination of civilization and nature. Credit: karine.218

Binh Thuy ancient house

It was built by Duong family in 1870 with Asian-European building principles. There are 5 bays with building materials were imported from Franch. This house is so special that many movies have used it as acting screen. This is also an ideal place for saving your moments in Can Tho by photos.

Truc Lam Phuong Nam Temple

With the area about 4 hectares, Truc Lam Phuong Nam is the biggest temple in Cuu Long Delta. It is also near My Khanh village as well as Binh Thuy house. The building style strictly follows ancient Buddhist regulations in Ly-Tran era. The whole construction is extremely valuable with pillars all made by Ironwood, tiling roofs, walls, and entrances. The estimated value of this temple is about 6.5 million dollar.

Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook - Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

The exquisiteness of Truc Lam Phuong Nam temple. Credit: bongkent

Can Tho Bridge

The bridge connects 2 sides of Hau river, specifically 2 provinces Can Tho and Vinh Long. This is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Sout-East Asia. The landscape around this bridge is so wide and spectacular that it would fit for any photos. But wait for the sunset, then you’ll see the miracle.

Tay Do night market

Located only 1 kilometers to the West of the city center, Tay Do night market is one of the biggest trading centers in Western Vietnam with plentiful products and special souvenirs. This is also an appealing entertainment place.


What dishes should tourists enjoy while being in Can Tho?

Da Ly Mam Hotpot (Lau Mam Da Ly)

This restaurant is located on 3/2 street. The owners of it have opened it for years and claimed many experiences about cooking, especially Mam Hotpot. People also say that “being in Can Tho without trying Da Ly hotpot is not being in Can Tho”. The price for a hotpot of 4 people is about 350,000 VND – 400,000 VND.

Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook - Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

Da Ly Mam Hotpot looks modest but it is really delicious. Credit: tungdinh 207

Muoi Xiem Vietnamese Crepe

Personally, this is one of the best street foods I have ever tasted. It is also really, really popular for tourists. The ingredients are similar to the other Vietnamese crepes, such as rice flour water, coconut juice, shrimps, shredded porks, bean sprouts, etc. Muoi Xiem Vietnamese Crepe comes with many fresh vegetables which excite your sense of taste. And another important part is Nuoc Mam, it can vary depending on your favorite tastes, but the best still is sweet-spicy Nuoc Mam.

Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook - Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

Is the color attractive enough? Credit: tmym09

The cooked Duck Chao (Vit Nau Chao)

Ducks are cooked in a unique way to make sure the taste will be unforgettable. There are many additional foods for this dish that can make it much better, such as noodle, tofu, egg rolls, etc. If you want to use more additional foods, you have to pay more money, but the consommé (bouillon) is ways free. The price per one pot of 4 people is about 150,000 VND – 180,000 VND.

Recommended address: Kin Lien restaurant, Thanh Giao alley number 1, Ly Tu Trong Street, Can Tho.

Roasted Egg Rolls

This dish is made of shredded pork, garlic powder, salt, and the other ingredients depending on the maker. But no matter who the maker is, the smell of Roasted Egg Rolls while roasting on hot wooden coal is extremely irresistible. Price for a catering ís about 45,000 VND – 60,000 VND. This is one of the street foods so it can be found almost everywhere. Here is our best recommendation: Thanh Van Roasted Egg Rolls, the 17th Hoa Binh avenue, Can Tho.

Grilled Snakehead

There are many ways to grill snakeheads and make good dishes, but snakeheads grilling on strawy fire is always supreme. Grilled Snakehead has been existing since the discovery of this land. Therefore, the taste doesn’t just provide appetite but also the historical values Can Tho. This dish can be used with fermented noodle (bun), girdle-cake, and fresh vegetables. Price for one grilled snakehead oscillates from 150,000 – 190,000 VND depending on the size.

Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook - Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

Grilled Snakehead is not just eye-catching but also delicious. Credit: sam_gau88

Famous address: Xang Thoi lakeside, Hoang Van Thu, Can Tho.

Shellfish baked with pepper

The ingredients for this dish are easy to find around Can Tho. Its cooking way is also simple. Those are why it can be found in every restaurant of baking. But those don’t also mean that this dish is ordinary. Otherwise, it has always been on the top of the foods recommended list that you should try while you’re in Vietnam.

Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook - Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook

Don’t let its ordinary appearance fool you. Credit: tlinh_95

That was almost all about Can Tho Travel Guide. I use almost because there are still some missing features that could only be fulfilled by your own feelings about this land. Have a nice day.



Can Tho, Vietnam Travel Guide: A-Z Handbook
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